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April 22, 2010
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Neia by Bokuman by asaenvolk Neia by Bokuman by asaenvolk
Introducing Neia my first and so far only naga OC.

Race: Non-giant Naga (element seems to be mind)
Hight: 6'3"
Age: no one knows but her, but older than 70
Occupation: Neia is a member of the explorers guild and has been out far and wide, she is usually emploid to safely, a relative thing here, take people from point A to point B in Felarya.

History: Neia was originally from across the Jewel river but at some point in her life she started to travel and explore and now has been around more of Felarya than most other still living beings. She has seen much and done many things in her life, over time she has developed a few particular habits and interests that separate her from the normal naga. Ultimately now she works near Negav, though she rarely goes in the city proper, she isn't effected so much by the eye so much as it can be more of a risk than she would like to risk.

Personality: Neia is more or less a nerd, she likes to read, she likes to learn, her social graces can be a bit awkward on occasion. She is a professional though and once on a job she takes it seriously and as long as it doesn't look like she is going to get stabbed in the back she will endeavor to keep her charges safe. She has spent a good amount of time learning magic, but she is mostly fascinated by the human innovation of "technology" which she is just starting to learn. Also unlike most naga or Felarya natives for that mater, Neia is a bit shy about her body.

Abilities: Neia is a standard non-giant naga save for the fact she developed a magical attainments to "mind" rather than the normal naga "elemental" types. Much of her magic follows this. Spells and abilities she has shown include: Charms, disguise spells (see: looking like a human), obfuscation, advanced predator senses (second only to Crissis) and the ability to detect ley lines and use them to navigate. Indeed her ability to detect ley lines and/or dimensional disturbances lets her find her way through Felarya with amazing ability, she virtually never gets lost and can find her way to any place she has ever been.

Hunting techniques: Neia is a safe naga, simple as that, she doesn't eat anything with a mind. This is mostly just pragmatic, if she eats some one and it gets out it could destroy her reputation and her urges to eat any one now days are more or less non existent. So she would likely only eat some one as a means of self defense or that she REALLY doesn't like you. She mostly eats things like small animals or human food when near a habitation.

(more to come later... maby)

Neia by :iconasaenvolk:
Felarya by :iconkarbo:
Pic by :iconbokuman:
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Karbo Apr 25, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
Nice job on that bio :)
I wanted a unique naga that could exist in Felarya, but there are so few smaller sized naga. Also an actual nerdish naga sounded fun.
Awesome bio, excellent detail and nice work.
Thanks I wanted a fairly unique naga, and a nerdy but exploratory naga sounded fairly unique to me. Still the bio does need a little work, but its a start.
Just needs a story. :D
So far she is the only one not in a Story.
Not for long me thinks. :D
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